The Value of “Old Books”

via Daily Prompt: Priceless

Lately, I have been revisiting some of the treasured volumes of my reading past. I recently lent my copy of the 1951 epic story of a hundred plus year old woman to a valiant lady of 103 tender years of age. The title is The Houses In Between, by Howard Spring. This particular tome came into my life when I was struggling with the difficult proposition of making my way through some of the relational problems that beset many of us. Life is, after all, a tough proposition. I sometimes think that the only way to get through is to doggedly plunge forward anyway. This, despite the feelings or personal inclination to run as far away from problems as possible, is true. So, realizing that you either get busy living or get busy dying, I made up my mind to get busy LIVING. I have been getting up and facing whatever the days may bring ever after.

Some stories are indeed PRICELESS. Just because a book has been written by an author decades or centuries ago does not discount their value. If you haven’t read it, IT IS NEW to YOU!!!  This is because heroic tales, whether they were written with an inspirational intent (or unwittingly so) are motivators. Some writers may never realize that a story written with a romantic point of view may prove subtly inspirational to an audience that they hadn’t anticipated.

Priceless indeed are those elements that move people to better their lot and those of the persons whose lives they touch.



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