Venture in Authorship




It’s going to an exciting month as I attend what has to be the biggest event in my writing life.  Sponsored by the Lee County Public Library here in Fort Myers, will be READ FEST 2017 on March 18th. Among many celebrated authors who have graciously agreed to appear at this event, I have been honored to have my own author table.

Libraries have long-held a consistent fascination for me since the age of 8. From that point on, I have held a library card in every place I’ve ever lived. This love of reading both for pleasure as well as general learning has been passed on to my children and grandchildren. They all love good stories in many different genres. This makes me so very proud!


LS Book Cover 2015cropped-author-photo-sue-0815-e1478752866325.jpg

I find that the love of a good story is common to us all. Films carry on the legacy of passing on good stories of all sorts. But, as for me, give me a good book every time. Hopefully the continued love of the written word will inspire the present and future generation. This is the WHY that motivates all of the reading festivals around the globe!



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