Daily Prompt: Relish

via Daily PromThe pickledpt: Relish

My general understanding of the word “relish” lies in the college prep. education I received sometime in the previous millenium. To relish something indicates that your appetites and preferences thoroughly enjoy whatever it is you are doing or consuming. Example: I relish a meal of prime rib with horseradish sauce. Or, you can use it as a describing word for a jar of chopped pickles to season a hot dog or hamburger (popular in American fast-food as a favored topping.)

There are other appropriate appetites that can apply ‘relish’, for example, I RELISH a really good fiction story – one with lots of history, metaphysical aspects, and genuine human responses to the aspects of the situations that characters encounter over the course of the story. History is obviously my favorite genre. Let me list a few of really GREAT authors that have inspired me:

  • Jude Devereaux
  • Jane Kirkpatrick
  • Morgan Llewellyn
  • Willa Cather
  • Daphne DuMaurier
  • Peter Tremayne

Check them out when you get a chance!  Right now, though, I would relish a nice hamburger; after all, it is my dinner hour.


Thanks for stopping by!  Always, Susan






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