Sojourning continues

My profound gratitude to the Happiness Engineers Team at WordPress for their assistance as I struggled to revamp my own domain!  It’s such a relief to have this support. As I have often reflected in previous posts, learning is an ONGOING PROCESS. 

When I graduated high school (sometime between the administration of George Washington and Barack Obama) most of us fledgling adults had the notion that you had all you need to face the challenges of life with high school diploma in hand. Oh, if that had only been true.  The fact is that as we move from job to job, school to school and place to place, we always come away with knowledge that we didn’t possess before. From the simple to the profound, you’re continually building your skill base. The blessings for me lie in the fact that I can safely say that I have successfully transitioned from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. How to keep from constant anxiety??  Learn, retain what is useful and discard the excess!

Lots of projects are underway for me this year. I am compiling an anthology of personal stories about what it was like to grow up in post World War II suburbia. It’s amazing as images of making snow angels in the first snow of the Christmas season with my siblings, to the ‘fun’ of elementary school memories come back as fully as if it had just happened!!

The sequel to Life Song: An Irish Odyssey progresses, albeit slowly.

Hope that your holidays were wonderful and satisfying as we progress through this new year.  Thanks for stopping by.  Always, Susan



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