Resolved:To Learn What I Can in the ‘E-World”

Many thanks to those of you who viewed my last post. Not too long ago, I ruminated on the proposition of becoming proficient in at least basics in WP. Oh, boy [sigh!]

If one thing occurs to me, it is this: the human brain is still a far superior storage unit for absorbing new information, archiving and categorizing things all of the time. In fact, when trying to call up something in answer to another person’s question, I’ve taken to replying, ‘give me a minute, I’m archiving.’ Heck, I don’t even have to worry about my brain/computer “crashing” and needing to be reprogrammed (unless I am fool enough to get into an accident, or fall victim to something in my genetic code that short-circuits.

I like to continue to view our technology as wonderful, useful tools. They are getting more impressive all the time. That said, I have a number of tutorials to tackle. This I will do. As imperative as learning this program and it’s aspects continues to be, I still have to remind myself that the best way to learn anything is one item at a time! Then practice, practice and practice some more. Many thanks as well to the WordPress community who offer so much valuable information as I continue this journey.  Thanks for stopping by, Sue


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