Random thoughts…but there is a point!

Tonight finds me weary but I want to share a really nice recent experience.  Saturday our writer’s group (Gulf Coast Writers Association of Fort Myers) had an exceptional speaker who gave us invaluable advice. Her name is Bobbie Christmas. Ms. Christmas gave us all some real succinct advice. Don’t you just love people who ‘cut to the chase'( which is an old Hollywood term derived from Westerns of the 1930’s.)

The high  points were:

  • Sometimes adverbs can be your friend.Warning: not always, though.
  • Write freely – don’t edit yourself until you’re done.
  • If you’re in the creative process hoping for a comfy passive income, by all means do dream on!
  • Don’t write in the same speech pattern that you speak conversationally. The reader may not get it.
  • Describe something so that the word picture equals what you meant when you wrote.

There were other things but overall those stood out for me. Essentially, always subscribe the KISS principle. Thoreau advised us all to ‘simplify, simplify.’ So did Bobbie Christmas.

So writers, artists, take heart! Keep your dreams alive. Just keep on keeping on. Warm regards, Sue

Never lose your sense of wonder

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