“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”

This has been a busy few days for me as I tackle items on my “To Do” list.  Seeing a project completed and the physical act of checking it off the list helps me sigh with relief at yet another item completed. It is how I keep myself accountable for my success. Well, at least it keeps you going while you work to bring your creative work into the realm of reality.

Best method I use is free-writing, without allowing that editor in my brain to hold up production. From my first typing class on an IBM Model D electric typewriter, that editor-in-my-head would have me stop to correct a typo, and critique every doggoned word that is brave enough to jump onto a page.  Secretarial training will do that to you.

Finding Flow was part of my coursework in Psychology. Mihaly Czikszentmihaly (pronounced Chick-sent-me-hi) offers the reader some valuable insights into the creative process. Check it out sometime; it’s not too hard to grasp at all.  All for now! Stay well and keep on creating!



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