Thinkin’ About Things

Hello! Just checking in for a few moments as I continue the Writing Life.  My publisher is helping put together a few resources to let people know that I’ve got a pretty neat story they just might enjoy. The latest challenge is to request book reviews. Like most people, I see the best quotable segments of a good book review on the cover of the book I’ve selected. Learning about the process is remarkable, to say the least.

A really good book review contains a work’s best and less than best (aka worst?) features. What the reader expected of the book colors a lot of it. After all we read to enjoy ourselves, to be informed or entertained. So I located a couple of book review models from UNC-Chapel Hill, and University of Indiana.  Aha! Now I begin to get it. It’s asking a lot to request a review, but without them no one would get their work off the ground.

There is also the requisite book signings, book fairs, and getting shelf space at the brick and mortar stores.  Apparently the distributors offer a book online first. Which is where mine is, but that’s good. You have to pay your dues in any endeavor. I get it.

My newest favorite author is Jane Kirkpatrick. She is an Oregonian and writes about real people who founded that territory after Lewis and Clark opened it up for settlement. Check out her website. She’s tops!  Past favorites are Loula Grace Erdman, Jude Devereaux, Daphne DuMaurier, Pearl Buck, Peter Tremayne, and Morgan Llewellyn.

All for now. Be well! Sue


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