Turner Classic Movies: Why I love it so much

Ever since its inception over fifteen years ago, this station  affectionately know as TCM has brought me countless hours of pleasure. Robert Osborne founded this now legendary entertainment empire. His passion for film history was at the heart of the entire endeavor. It provided an educational tool to people engaged in the current film industry. It brought yesterday’s stars and supporting actors to the attention of a new audience. It’s History at its best. They offer fan cruises, Film Festivals, you name it – they are finding new ways to introduce and educate on film from its infancy to the latest film from all over the globe.

Mr. Osborne and his co-host, Ben Mankiewicz, have given so many people the chance to see films we’ve never seen to myriads of old favorites. For me, it’s like Linus’ blanket (Peanuts comic strip fame). It’s been a real balm to me while I have healed in countless hospitals, recovering from surgery for one thing or another. When I needed respite from a weary day at work, TCM gave me an ‘injection’ of peace. I could go on. After all, I am Irish and am fond of saying that I can make a short story long on cue. Depends if you want to listen. All for now.  Regards, Sue


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