Life Outlook: My Worldview#1

It’s one of those nights when another “scathingly brilliant” thought crops up and won’t let you sleep without doing something about it. What do I believe and would anyone care to know?

For one thing, I believe that a person must “keep on keeping on.” With that said, what does that amount to? The word is perseverance. Everyone persists in their worldview/outlook as things happen to them in life. Feelings color our perception of life’s events. When I wrote about “Scars” I found that it’s true: the intensity of our original interpretation of a life event changes. We make choices to forgive (or not). We choose to carry a grudge in spite of how much it hurts us in the end. The remark “will it matter in 100 years?” helps when you try to let go of the anger and choose to forgive the offense. Forgiveness does not mean we’re letting the offender off the hook. We forgive for our own sake and to enable ourselves to recover. This way we can move forward in a more positive way. Trust me – enough has happened to me in six decades + of existence that it’s a good skill to acquire.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by! Regards, Sue


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