Thinkin’ About Things: Getting it together in the “e” world

How’s life treating you today?  So far, I’m getting into my day and have 1 1/2 mugs of coffee circulating in my system.  At the moment I am laboring under the delusion that this is visible to other wordpress users.  Did you ever hear the word ‘neophyte’?  If my command of the English language is intact, I do believe that this word describes me well in the world of blogging.

As a debut author, time and time again it has been emphasized that I need to build an E-presence.  My progress in that is a nervous journey.  You know what it means when you liken it to learning to drive a stick-shift car.  The WWW superhighway is kind of TOUGH when you have barely learned to manage the gears!  So I counsel myself with ‘Stay the course’ and ‘Heck, I’m a life-long learner’.  Plug-ins, WPDashboard, and all, look out:  I’m in here, playing with stuff.  To me,  this is just the same as my first use of the interstate highway system.  OOOH NOOO – I’m taking my life in my hands, and wondering if I will have a heart attack before I get off the next exit!!

As I type I glance hopefully at my copy of WordPress For Dummies, much as I would Better Homes and Gardens’ cookbook. With the understanding that once a cook has mastered a recipe, this same cook will find the courage to modify and experiment with new ingredients later on. After all, I AM a glass-half-full kinda girl.

Regards, Sue



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